DIY Friday: Pregnancy Care Kit

Awhile back ago I found out one of my friends was pregnant! (Congrats again Annika!)’s what my girlfriends and I decided to give her:

Inside of the Box:

1. Be Band (This lovely item of clothing was SO incredibly useful for me while I was pregnant. It basically holds up your pants/skirts/shorts when you can no longer button them OR holds everything in place when you’re out and about.

2. Prenatal Listener (Some women might not like this as a gift, but if you are a worry wart like me it sure comes in handy whenever you have those subtle glimpses of doubt.)

3. Prenatal Vitamins (Your doctor will be happy if you take these regularly if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or post-partum. can never get enough of these!)

4. iTunes gift card (Holler! Who doesn’t like $ for baby apps.)

5. Bio Oil (Apparently this stuff works better than cocoa butter. I don’t know…. I’ve never actually used it myself to be honest, but my friend Tina swears by this stuff. 😉 I trust her advice. Shoot! Anything to get rid of tiger marks!)

6. Rosary (Any type of item that could help with calming nerves is a plus! I used mine frequently during my pregnancy.)

7. Tums (These sometimes help to reduce any nausea or stomach issues and, trust, when you’re pregnant you’ll try anything!)

8. Lollipops (Supposed to help with morning sickness.)

9. Pregnancy Books (There are so many books out there and a lot of them are REALLY good. Belly Laughs (By Jenny McCarthy) was recommended to me. Of course, there’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting..but I’m not too fond of that one anymore. Too scary! Here is a link to some recommended pregnancy books.

10. Floss ( When you’re pregnant, your gums tend to get very why not add some floss into your gift?)

*NOT PICTURED: We also included a bump tracker and the snoogle!)

I then wrapped everything with twine and fun labels. The gift was a success!

One thought on “DIY Friday: Pregnancy Care Kit

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